Posted by: codecalla | December 27, 2012

Starting Points

Whenever I have a problem considering what to write, I usually freewrite whatever pops into my head until the haze dissipates.  This is the third time I’ve started this post.  In playing Skyrim, I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve started the game, then deleted the game and started over.  I’m not sure if this is perfectionism, or on some occasions disgust with game glitches.  In writing, I constantly re-craft my words until I feel satisfied, but there’s a point I have to commit, or nothing will continue.  Choose your own adventure books are probably similar.  I loved reading them as a child, and knowing I had multiple options was the best possible feeling.  Until now.  I have discovered that I may go partway down one path, then say, “Oh, no.  I wanted the other path.”  All of a sudden the “Road Less Traveled” seems more appealing.  Frost, were you really talking about individualism, or were you talking about choices and decisions?  Perhaps what really made the difference is that you made a choice.

So how will this translate into my own decision making skills?  I do tend to take my time on some decisions, thinking about the consequences and such, but when it comes to actively doing something, I guess I’ll have to be prepared to make mistakes and go with it.  Sometimes waiting for the perfect moment means that you’re the Tin Man, rusted when the moment comes to do something.



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