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A beautiful feeling

About a page, some names for places, concepts, and characters developed for the new story, but I am uncertain if I’ll make the plot the focus, or the character growth…I’ll have to think some more.  It’s a question of writing a romance novel, or a novel that has romance.  There’s a distinction of focus.  Does it fit the characters and story?  I’m not sure yet.

I keep having the phrase Das Kind (the child) run through my mind, but that’s because I’m learning German through Duolingo.  I have other language programs, but this website seemed fun to try.  It was the owl mascot, definitely.

On my desk, I have a stuffed (toy) snowy owl, who looks like Hedwig, but is actually named Tobias.  I have inspirational wall art and a plush toy of a character I adore from one of my favorite mangas.  There are a few plaques of inspirational quotes, one from Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” and one from Mary Poppins, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun!”  I adhere to the Pippi Longstocking philosophy, by Astrid Lindgren, which is to make a task fun.  I’ll never forget the scene of Pippi “skating” to scrub floors.  I cannot honestly say whether it was in the movie or the book that the scene occurred that I visualize, since when I read, it becomes pretty vivid.  Now I want to go back and re-read the book, and watch the movie to make sure.  My desk is comfortable and workable, and thankfully not too cluttered (yet).  Although my synopsis with notes is off to the side, remonstrating me to work it out.

Inspiring myself despite Resistance, as Steven Pressfield would say, and attempting to stay on task is the difficulty.  Late nights and worries can compound even the most stalwart.  I look at my owl, my wall art, and my plaques with a desire to continue the fight onward, despite real world concerns.

Of which, I am worried about bills, as I have to wait nearly a month for a paycheck.  It’s at times like these I consider working at any number of other jobs for part time work or even full time salary.  But is security really what I’m after?  I think it is far more important to feed the soul (as well as the body) and to make certain that the dreams of the heart are satisfied.  I’ve worked in many different places before teaching, which I love, and I must say, despite the occasional financial hardship, it’s very rewarding.  Writing is not only a release from worries, and real world concerns, but a way to examine what-ifs and how I feel.  I love the idea of exploring new ideas and worlds, putting down to paper what pops into my head.  In fact, I often scramble out of bed desperate for a pen in hand, just to make sure I get it down.

Indeed the fight can be desperate, but it is also worthy.  So I look to those emotions that I regard favored books, and feel the stir.  Most of my books are quite treasured friends, and when I revisit them, it’s a beautiful feeling.

Of practical matters, I will register and buy an ISBN for my novel; arrange advertising; continue to work on the new novel, and perhaps rework an old novel for a contest; prepare syllabi for the new semester; attend a work meeting for the next semester; do laundry; dishes; and any number of mundane things, all so I can return to the solace of dreams of the written word.

As Agatha Christie once said, “The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.”


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