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Today marked the second day of the new semester.  After my early morning class, I traveled to another part of my city to find the next location, off campus.  It’s a beautiful community building, that helps people find closer classes for their needs.  I dutifully checked the maps and driving directions before setting out nearly an hour and a half early.  It was right around lunch time, so I expected traffic to be high.

As I was confidently driving to my destination, certain that I understood how to get there, I discovered upon reaching the final leg of the journey, I was completely flummoxed.  I could not see the beautiful community building and instead was surrounded by many stores.  I took a road I recognized from the directions, thinking it would lead to the tucked away building only to discover it was closed.  I attempted using GPS via my phone, but was thwarted by the connection.  Finally I turned around, back-tracked on the road I traveled, and discovered a gas station.

I threw myself at their mercy, and they were kind.  I found a shorter route to arrive at my destination, had specific directions, and was heartened by their friendliness.  Whew.  So at last I arrived at the building and trembled a bit when I saw a large placard that announced No Weapons Beyond This Point.  Well, it was a large beautiful building, and there is a conceal/carry law in my state, so I entered.

The man at the security desk gave me directions to the classroom and kindly offered a sheet of instructions on how to use the facility.  I went up the stairs in the large open entryway, and around the corner and found the classroom easily.  The technology worked perfectly (which is pretty amazing) and the students were in attendance.  All in all, it was a positive experience.

The moral is that sometimes you backtrack a bit, but it saves you a lot of time and mess in the future.


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