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Lucid Dreams & Astral Projection

Lucid dreams:  dreams in which you are aware that you are dreaming, but still continue to dream and can possibly control them.

Astral projection:  out of body experiences

These are two aspects which I will be researching for my next novel.  I’ve already started researching.

Have you ever had a lucid dream?  The idea of controlling our subconscious or imaginative adventures when we are dreaming is fascinating.  The dreams in which I’ve realized I was dreaming felt more real and vivid, and despite the knowledge that it was a dream, I felt very sincerely that it was happening.

I’ve never experienced an OBE or astral projection, but this is a point of research that I believe is related to the field I’m researching.  I’m interested in the science and the esoteric aspects of these concepts.

If I incorporate anything of my research, it will help feed the story that is developing for the next fantasy book I’m writing.  I’ll probably do more research than I actually show or use in the novel.

Dreams can symbolize problems our subconscious is working out and their problem-solving techniques, but I’ve also had far-out dreams, for which no recognizable influence is available.  From what I’ve read, the symbols within dreams change per person, so what constitutes meaning for one person changes on the interpretation of the other.


  1. I have crazy dreams all the time. I think one dream was a premonition prior to 9-11. It was the night before and I was working on a plane (I was a flight attendant in real life and had just quit to go to law school) and we had a layover in the middle east. While we were there we were being chased by crazy men. We had to leave early. On the way home we had to make a landing on a city street. I commuted with friends to school each day and I told them about my dream that morning. Then a few hours later 9-11 happened and they all thought I was “gifted” after that.
    I haven’t had anything since. But I do think that people can be in tune to bad energy that is about to happen.
    As far as lucid dreams, I don’t remember any that I have been able to control. I remember dreams I’ve enjoyed and went back to dreaming them after I was awake for a few minutes.
    Interesting stuff.

    • Dreams of premonition are difficult to prove (according to science), but I’m interested nonetheless. Just because science hasn’t figured it out, doesn’t mean it’s not possible. I also think there are energies we can tap into around us. For the next novel, I’m playing “what-if”, not following what is known. I think precognition is definitely possible.

      One dream I had recently (when I was thinking about getting a part time job as a retail clerk) was about getting fired for $159.00. It absolutely made no sense, as I am not working in retail or with money. I did postpone my search for the retail job, and my teaching schedule was confirmed. I teach at college, and the number of courses fluctuate every semester.

      My dreams have always been very vivid, and perhaps through daydreaming, I learned more control or to recognize them. I like the idea of infinite worlds and dimensions (although perhaps I don’t want to get too scientific with the current theories, such as string theory or multiverse). It makes plausible sense, and it’s exciting to contemplate. Dreams could be a gateway.

  2. Codecalla, I’ve had hundreds of lucid dreams, out of body experiences, and astral projection experiences over the past 15+ years and continue to have them on a regular basis. I humbly consider myself something of an expert in the field, so if you need any material or suggestions for your novel I’d be glad to help in any way I can!

    • I’d be grateful for any suggestions on books explaining how to control lucid dreaming, OBE, and astral projections, that someone would consult if they were faced with it for the first time. I’ve started research, but I’ve only so much time and there are many resources available. I’d like to know which sources seem to be more reliable, as well as relevant.

      I’m thinking perhaps meditation plays a larger role in the controlling process, but I’d love any suggestions you may have. I’m going to be fictionalizing it, so it won’t be true to the experience, per se, but it will be a twist on what is known or experienced.

      • I have some suggestions. Send me an email at and we can chat if you’d like.

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