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One problem with an e-book is that it adjusts its formatting to fit various screens, and therefore there may be issues with special formats.  I uploaded my first book on Dec. 21, 2012 for the Kindle without truly understanding all of the ramifications of hitting the tab, instead of using the format paragraph option.  Kindle adds another indent on top of the tab!  It looked funky, and I finally figured out a short-cut to fix it.  Under Replace, I went to formatting, selected tab, and then replaced with no formatting.  There were over 3000!  If I had spent all of that time re-formatting my book, I may have cried a little.  Not too much, however, since I truly wanted to make it prettier.  I also took off the double spacing, which didn’t work for the e-book.  Readers can adjust the font and line spacing, anyway.  I did find two small wording errors as I proofread the 3rd final copy.  This is the 3rd edition already.  I like the fluency of correction for an e-book.  It will be ready, just in time for the free promotion on Jan. 26, 2013.

In the future, however, now I know what to set up ahead of time: Times New Roman 12, single spacing, and no tabs.  That will help.  I didn’t get the new book furthered, yet I did come up with an interesting spin on something that could happen to the main character as a little side note, while I was taking care of mundane tasks.

Further, I’ve only just started advertising for “The Protectors of Tarith”, on Facebook, among other places.  It will be slow going until word of mouth spreads.  Promotion/creation/education…this will be a fun semester.


UK link: The Protectors of Tarith


  1. Can you please put a link so that us guys across the pond can download also. Thank you.

    • Done, I’ll also put a link under the post for the book as well. The free promotion will start at Jan. 26 12:00 am Pacific time…not sure when the time change hits, isn’t it several hours difference for UK? It’s been a while since I’ve visited.

      • Not sure, But I guess it will ‘all come out in the wash!’

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