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Recently, I’ve been trying to salvage old writing files from those now “archaic” floppy disks, which were the new incarnations of floppy disks at 3.5 inches.  The irony of gratitude for an external floppy drive, because I didn’t want to open my tower and install an internal drive, now escapes me.  My floppy disks need formatting…ugh.  I have to reassure myself that the files do exist, and then save them on a newly formatted disk.  Thankfully, I kept my old faithful companion, a Smith Corona word processor.  I should be able to preserve them, somehow, but it’s going to take more effort than I first imagined, when spotting that external floppy drive.

Will I cringe and back away from this momentary delay?  No.  But am I seething?  Oh yes.

Perhaps it’s time to go back to basics and write by candlelight to alleviate my frustration.  The sight of a flame always seems to calm me, and that’s not a version of pyromania.  I feel calmed and focused, peaceful and relaxed.

I’m a little frustrated with the progress of the new novel, although this is only the second week of the new semester, and I’ve teaching to keep me occupied some of the time, and planning for teaching more of the time.

The crux of promotion, creation, and education…energy, which I feel is seeping away with the bitterest cold spell of the winter.

Although 11 degrees is certainly not the coldest I’ve experienced, as I’m from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the winds and lack of tree/windbreaks, nearly make it unbearable.  Struggling against myself to work, despite my deepest instincts to return to my bed, throw the covers over my head, and hibernate until spring.

Thankfully, once I’m in front of the students, I cast away my lethargy, and devote myself to the matters at hand.

But small delays and technology issues do threaten peace of mind, especially when fighting against the cold.  The stories are still there, the characters still at the ready.  My mindset needs tweaking and TLC.

My thoughts turn to anyone who does not have the benefit of a roof overhead, and a warm bed to hibernate in.  I hope that those who find themselves needing assistance or shelter can find it readily and easily.  It’s cold enough to be dangerous.

Now chastised, I realize small technology issues and mindset complaints mean very little.  I am blessed indeed.




  1. What’s a floppy disk?

    • once upon a time, they were an ancient method of saving your computer files. You could transfer files from computer to computer, and people rejoiced. Then came smaller and more efficient methods of transfer, and people rejoiced, forgetting about the earlier transfer materials completely. Once ignored, floppy disks became despondent, and thus less likely to work in computers for which they had no love or affiliation. This didn’t bother the people, for they had moved on, as technology was a shooting star and they rode its coattails.

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