Posted by: codecalla | January 26, 2013

Sinking a half-court shot

Today, the beauty of a moment captured through a video, resonated with my soul.  Out of curiosity, I checked out the link shared on FB and found a moment of joy.  We need more moments of joy, where our souls resonate and connect with others.  

This shot was different in that the chosen man did not “granny-shoot” it, nor did he aim with both hands.  Oh no, this guy gives it a bit of a dash-hook maneuver and sinks it.  Half-time show revelry and joy.  What’s truly awe-inspiring is that not only did the fan win some money as a reward for this amazing feat, but that Carmex donated a matching sum to a Boys & Girls Club foundation.  

Why can’t we have more fun and find the joy in things?  Why can’t we share happy moments AND help people?  

This video was inspiring, and not just because LeBron James bear-hugged the guy!

The video & article

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