Posted by: codecalla | January 29, 2013

There’s Something About Dragons

Somehow my activities this weekend did not alleviate the grind of determining the course of my new novel, at least as far as production was concerned.  On the other hand, picking up the controller to play Skyrim was the best possible course of action.  After a weekend of relaxing and resting well, my brain fired up with ideas and was fully charged this morning.  The “problems” I had with the novel were erased, and a solution had been discovered.  My brain had been working on it all the time.  Dragons and the fighting of them some how summoned the answers I had been seeking.

While I do not plan to have dragons in my next series…I may consider a cameo.  As a nod to Skyrim‘s ability to joust me from writing lethargy.  There are other many techniques to keep the demons that prevent writing at bay, and hopefully I will find them over the course of writing.  Now I have a plan, more than the synopsis, I have a rough idea of how the quartet will go.  That’s a start.  And it’s all thanks to dragons.


Side note:  The Protectors of Tarith has sold about 362 copies since its publication.  A good number were the free promotions, but I am heartened, and I will continue.


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