Posted by: codecalla | February 1, 2013

“Make It So.”

Capt. Picard, one of my favorite Star Trek Next Generation characters, has such a way with words.  But I like the philosophy behind it.  “Do it,”  as Yoda would say, “Do not.  There is No Try.”

Next on the writing agenda is creating a physical book for my e-book, The Protectors of Tarith.  Late March I plan on releasing it in multiple formats, and I think having a print option (my first love) is a great idea.  Amazon offers a print-on-demand service that I may take up, called CreateSpace.  The price will be higher than the e-book; however, due to printing costs.  Will this increase the e-book price a bit?  I will probably keep the price reasonably low.

CreateSpace has options for covers and designers, and some interesting possibilities.  I like the idea of a professional looking product that is ready to go.  I may have to pay a fee for design upfront, but I wouldn’t have to front the initial publishing costs.  As soon as the book is ordered, it will be printed and shipped.  It seems more efficient.



  1. Don’t know much about Createspace but I have used `Blurb` several times. I had books with images and text. Fantastic service although not cheap. Good luck. Although I downloaded your book it will take me time (several months!) To get around to it. Life is very hectic at the present time.

    • Thank you! I hope you enjoy it! I haven’t thought of Blurb, but I’ll have to check it out. I’m still weighing my options.

  2. I will buy 1 in hard copy. However I would want you to sign it!

    • I have several ideas about the print copies, and that’s definitely something I can do!

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