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Interview with the Protectors

Interview with the Protectors–Question One:
“Why did you become a Protector?”

Tully: . . . I felt a need to give back to Tarith, which sheltered me in my youth…

Krysta (interrupting and pointing): To get girls. That’s what he told me when we first met.

Tully: HA! You joined because you wanted to beat up that one guy…what’shisname.

Sedge: I wanted to find those responsible for the death of my family, friends, and village, and make them pay.

Krysta:  Too bad you’re kind of a jerk.

Sedge:  Don’t make me angry.

Tully:  Krysta, you pick a lot of fights…really, I think that’s the reason you joined.

Krysta (elbows Tully and glares at Sedge).

Falcourt: A Protector is elite. We have money, power, and status.   Anyone can join (focuses a stare at Krysta and Tully) but only the powerful remain.

Tully:  You wanted girls too.  I heard you.

Krysta:  What?  I thought he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps…

Dalwin: Let’s continue!  I wanted to heal others and Protectors are always getting hurt…win-win.

Krysta:  You like us getting hurt?  That’s pretty twisted for a healer.

Tully:  You think that’s twisted, don’t you think he gives extra pain when he’s healing?

Dalwin:  Don’t be ridiculous.   I’ve never even killed anyone.  Sedge sends enough visitors to the healing tent that I’m quite busy.

Sedge:  . . .

Daniel:  My uncle is the General, why should I explain myself to you?

Krysta:  Listen to the kid, he thinks that he’s already higher in rank…

Tully:  When do we have another sparring session, I need some exercise

Falcourt:  You should watch your manners before your seniors.

Sedge:  We done?




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