Posted by: codecalla | February 13, 2013

A Valentine Promotion & Questions about Love & Dating

“The Protectors of Tarith” will be up for another free promotion for Valentine’s Day, from midnight Pacific time at Amazon, via Kindle.


How does culture affect the circumstances of love, or creating a sense of romance?  As I write this, I’m thinking of couples that enjoy a good night at a bar with a few beers, or couples that choose a fancier dinner instead.

When choosing a romantic date, how much of it is dependent upon financial status, desire, and cultural norms?

I was asking my students about research questions, and one student wanted to research the difference between families in two countries.  How much do we take for granted as being the same?

In some cultures, acting directly is considered impolite, while in others, it’s highly favored.

I’m curious about how character development could be tied to cultural norms that they may have experienced, and perhaps my own perceptions.  To really flesh out a character, perhaps a bit more thinking is required about “where” they come from and how they interact with their home.  Do they follow the typical route?; are they adventurous and rebellious?  Two perceptions that will change based on the experiences of the viewer.

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