Posted by: codecalla | March 13, 2013

research not writing

Researching is definitely a passion, but I don’t want to use it to deny writing, so having read some of the many reference books I gathered for the new novel, I’m ready to “get this party started”.  Spring break is wondrous time of no obligations, or a concrete schedule, so something should be accomplished.  I’ve discovered I’m a person who needs discipline and structure, but tends to freewheel it.  When I mentioned the swamp of procrastination, I was definitely including myself in that quagmire.

Recent Research materials:  Witches, Werewolves and FairiesGifts Differing:  Understanding Personality Type; Please Understand Me; Please Understand Me II; Dialogue; Story Maps

I tend to love researching about writing techniques as much as writing.  I geek out about new information or perspectives.  I really just want to tell the best story I can so that people may enjoy it.  Prep work goes a long way…I love foundations of writing and any kind of research that makes me think…”Wow.  I’m so glad I read that.”(from the first book listed).

It’s especially heartening when the writers give suggestions for further research.  At least three of the books were recommendations from other sources I’ve read.

Now to stop procrastinating and get some things accomplished.


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