Posted by: codecalla | March 19, 2013

Finding Tie ins

I’ve been researching steadily and gathering information and new leads about where the new story will take me, but it really boils down to character development.  Some of the tie ins that I’ve discovered include Hinduism, and belief structures from pre-medieval/medieval time periods as well.  These really are more similarities in what I’m proposing for the world structure and how it operates, the rules, what have you.  It’s pretty fascinating, knowing that I’ve tapped in to something that has likely existed as a belief for centuries and fades out and back.

My students and colleagues are also exposing me to other ideas that relate similarly to what I’m planning to write.   If I had to give it a cross reference/relative work, I would probably say it’s similar to L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz, but very different.   Even though I’m considering writing it as a quartet, and the lead character will have four companions…it’s getting eerily similar though only about the journey and number of companions, and I will be playing quite a bit with the over arcing story as well as the individual stories.  It may end up being a five part series.  If you have read the books about the world of Oz, you will know there is far more to the story than the film version.  I haven’t read all of them, only a few, and it’s been quite some time.



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