Posted by: codecalla | April 15, 2013

Smashwords, Twitter, and Media Haze

Taking advantage of another format via to release “The Protectors of Tarith”, the epic fantasy romance action adventure novel I published in December through Amazon Kindle.  Happy Tax Day for my fellow Americans.

Smashwords has some interesting features, but I’m mainly interested in offering more for the reader.  The price is still $2.99.  I should be able to get a print version released soon, but need to review and edit for the change in media.

Smashword offers a free Kindle version of their formatting, for those who may wish to use it.

I have joined Twitter as Codecalla, though I doubt my comments will be as engaging as Stephen Fry, one of my favorite celebrity-type artistic people who I follow with cheerful abandon.  I’ll give it a good run.  It’s definitely challenging to limit my words to a more precise amount (usually I am effluent).

Although I have arrived only 17 pages into the next book, I hope that it will bring some entertainment to others when it is completed.  Working title is “Dreymir’s Gate”, and I’ve been researching like mad.  My goal is to finish it by June.

April is by far the cruelest month, when considering the grading requirements and general mayhem that ensues when establishing funding for the summer ahead.  Eliot, who is by far one of the best examples of hyperlink poetry before it existed, is one of the greats.

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