Posted by: codecalla | April 19, 2013

Quick Update

I’ve released “The Protectors of Tarith” through NookPress,, and Amazon’s Kindle.  My next goal is the print version, which I hope to work on this weekend.  I’m still researching/writing my next novel, still at 17 pages, although I’ve considered some serious scenes that will take place.  I’m not sure whether I will write it start to finish or if I will write it in sections, one scene at a time.  I’ll consider what works best.

It’s easy in times of dark news to despair, but I still believe that people hold within them the power to be more than they are, and to choose to become better people.

**just finished using Create Space via Amazon services to create print version of “The Protectors of Tarith”.  Waiting for proofing and review process.  The price is considerably higher than the e-book price, but since it is print, I expected that.  I’ve tentatively set the price at $13.99 per suggestion.  It’s print on demand, obviously if you print a run of copies yourself, depending on the cost, you can set the price as you like.  At least I’ll still earn royalties, and won’t have an initial cost.


  1. I can’t wait for the printed book. However I will want you to sign it for me. Love Ya!

    • I will sign as soon as it is ready.

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