Posted by: codecalla | May 3, 2013

Terrible Puns and Escapism

Finals week is upon us, God help us all.

That stack of papers looks rather lonely, I do believe I’ll introduce myself.

Planning my future to be called Dr., not only because I love THE DOCTOR, with the snazzy blue police box.

After next week the works of wonder call to me, I wonder if I’ll work?

I wonder after the blood, sweat, and tears I shed through grading, will I have any plasma left to donate?

Bless the heart of the student who gave me a 32 page research essay instead of the 16-20 page research essay I required.

Kudos to my colleague for writing an opera, which will be performed!  Jeb, you are amazing!

I will spend the next 3-4 years as a student and teacher.

Writing is a joy.

The proof will be proofed and then it will be proved that I published a book.  Printed version of “The Protectors of Tarith” coming soon to Amazon.

**I’m setting up shop as a freelance editor/copy writer; consultant.  For a fee I will provide proofreading, editing, and manuscript development services at different rates.  (I’m a speed reader, and I love reading, plus I’ve two Master’s degrees and a genuine need of additional income.)  I’ll be setting up a proper page soon, but I’d be happy to give support to those who wish to publish or have someone read their work and give consultation/feedback.  I’m still working out the particulars, such as amount of fees, so if anyone needs a careful eye, my services will be available.  I wish to offer constructive feedback, not a review.




  1. The pile of papers you mentioned. I’ll be marking exam papers in June – online. Yes, all papers scanned in and everything done in front of the monitor. Weird. . .

    Good luck with your new venture.

    • Much of my grading is online, with electronically submitted papers. However, I am teaching a research class and requested they print their papers for me for ease of grading. These papers are quite long, and the print is easier to read and grade with a shorter break in between. After staring at a computer, I inadvertently wish to work on my novel, play games, or go to social networking sites and play. The stack is quite huge, but I’m looking forward to seeing physical evidence of my hard work, which was the other reason I had the students print out their papers. I wished them to see their hard work and feel pride.

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