Posted by: codecalla | May 22, 2013

Thickens the Plot

Many interviews and applications later, I have been given two additional classes this summer that should run on schedule.  Truly, enrollment is the dark bump in the night that I tremble under the covers about.  Also, I have a line on another position for another college to add a class or two to my limited schedule for the fall.  I’m looking forward to the opportunity.  I had several opportunities to sell insurance, which is interesting in itself, but I really feel passionate about teaching.   Also, I do have the opportunity to teach Beowulf this fall, so I absolutely cannot miss out on that.

My book is finally available in a print copy via Amazon, The Protectors of Tarith.  The print version is more expensive, but most of that goes for printing costs.  Best of all, it’s print on demand, so they will not have a backlog of books.  Even better, it will never be Out of Print, as many of my favorite books were when I tried searching them out.

I’m working on the next book, Dreymir’s Gate.  The plot is thickening all the time.


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