Posted by: codecalla | May 31, 2013

Real Characters

Discipline and time management are two of the key ingredients to finishing a project.  My focus has been primarily on finding supplemental income in order to concentrate on my pet projects, but no more excuses.  Until I come up with another excuse.

Actually, writing the new novel is going pretty well.  I have some key ideas for plot points, which the characters will blast me if it doesn’t work.  I’m certain they’ll keep me honest.

Honest characters.  The key to any story, I believe, is creating characters that feel compelling and realistic, but are still relatable.  Sometimes I’ve been so disgusted by a character, I have a difficult time finishing reading a book.  They succeeded in making me care about the character, then twisted them into something else.

My current issue of consideration is how to give Mai (pronounced ‘my’) more depth of character and add dimensions.  She’s impulsive, which is good for driving the plot and creating havoc, but not enough.  I’m working out the additional shades to her character.

Another character, Llewellyn, nicknamed “Lew” by Mai, is more of a pure spirit, gentle and kind, a counter to Mai’s temperament.  If I had to create a balance, Mai is action, while Lew is thought and careful planning.  So I’ll have to mix them up a bit to create something that feels right.  I’ll know it when it occurs to me.

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