Posted by: codecalla | June 8, 2013

Qualified Readers

How do we create qualified readers?  That perfect audience who’s anticipating our work with breathlessness?

One of the things that I really want to pay close attention to, but also use my best judgment, is how to expand the enjoyment of the work.  My current novel is about 8 chapters in, and I’ve been busy world building and introducing characters.  Thankfully it’s only the rough draft, so I have space to maneuver.  I want to spice it up with action or emotion, give it some passion or worth for the reader.  But I want to be careful, lest I oversaturate the work, and crank it up too high. Balance is important.

Writing is like a concert.  You start off with the hey, how you doin’; let’s party!; party hard; then back off to rest a minute; party even harder; back off a moment; then bring it to climax.  Finally after the last amazing number, you find yourself called back to the stage to give just a little more.

I think readers need that kind of experience.  Forget this world and all of the aggravations for a while.  They can be all-consuming, and that isn’t healthy.  Rejuvenate.

Qualified readers…what does that mean anyway?

We may have a rough idea of who we want to reach; may make choices depending on those ideas, but we have no idea who will pick up the literary torch and run with it.

My idea is to go with my instinct, but think about how it feels as a reader when I review the story.  I want to be able to enjoy the story after it’s finished.


  1. I can’t wait for your next novel! I was so into your first novel that I was there living with your characters. To me that means it is a great book. I have told all my friends about it!

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