Posted by: codecalla | June 8, 2013

Xbox disappointment

The new version of the Xbox doesn’t seem worth the bother, to be honest.  I like the idea of owning the game physically and don’t like the idea of being forced to be connected to the internet.  Add to the mix Microsoft’s serious blockade of player-generated content and adaptation to their preferences, and it’s a serious disappointment.  I love my 360, and spend hours playing video games when I could be writing or reading.

Recently I was playing Skyrim for the pc, which is tremendously awesome, with modding capabilities and console commands when you have a random bug.  I didn’t know what I was missing!  Granted, as I mentioned, mods that cheat should be used as spice occasionally, lest they turn the game into a boring waste of time.  I prefer meeting the challenges, but there are some interesting mods out there.  These mods will never be approved for use on the 360, unfortunately, and if a backdoor method was used; well, there’s the chance of being banned from Xbox Live, which actually can be quite useful.

I think it’s a mistake for companies to restrict gamers and their interest and passion for the games they play.  On the other hand, I do support adding a fee to used games for the original publishers, but it shouldn’t be the same royalty as the brand new copy.  Used copies can have some problems, after all.   Absolutely support the artists, but don’t forget the fans.

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