Posted by: codecalla | July 14, 2013

Audio Book Challenge

Creating an audio book is a new challenge for me.  One of few times I remember listening to a story being read, other than my parents, was in elementary and it was Peter Pan.  I’ve been weighing the options about releasing my novel into audio format as well, and Amazon has an option called ACX.  They work together with voice actors, producers, and after you upload your book and requirements, you get to choose which person you’d like to work on your project.   Of course, the choice is still the actor’s not to work on your novel, and you can listen to numerous auditions to decide which style you like best.

How often do we listen to our stories?  When we write, are we telling ourselves the story out loud?  I typically read lines out before committing to them, as the sound affects the flow of the story.  For actors, the sounds of the words and images painted by them are important.  Readers, too, need to feel immersed in the experience.

I’ve been considering reading it myself, but with a small amount of free time, it may be best to work with professionals.  Some charge hourly rates and others ask for part of the royalties of the audio book.  If you consider how much an actor can add to the novel being read, it’s well worth it.

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