Posted by: codecalla | July 18, 2013

1984 would be jealous

1984 by George Orwell

So how many different methods of “spying,” (oh, I mean “gathering intel,”) are there employed against the common citizen?

Probably more than I know about…

But it is pretty disheartening to know that some people don’t have a problem with it and elected officials are seemingly quiet about it.  I understand that law enforcement and people who work to keep us safe like the “ease” of the information, but it’s that very “ease” that causes disquiet.

So just what are the rights to privacy?

And just how much does the average citizen care?  Personally, I find it chilling, especially when you consider how information was used against people historically.  I sincerely hope that the lawsuits filed by the ACLU get somewhere, and that Congress reconsiders how much power they give the government.  The system is of checks and balances, not a blank check of power.  Citizens should stay informed, contact their elected representatives, and vote more than just during a presidential election.



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