Posted by: codecalla | July 27, 2013

Teaching and Education

About a month in to the Doctorate of Education program, and things are going pretty well.  I’ll be frantically busy this fall, but not in a terrible way.  I’m actually looking forward to enjoying the interactions with the students.  I’ll have to schedule in down time and energy refreshment.  Being introverted means I truly appreciate the “me-time”.  Next week is finals week for the summer course and the initial week for a new course at another college.

I attended a professional conference for Thursday-Friday regarding a new honors program that we will incorporate at one of the colleges I work.  It was exciting to think of the possibilities for students and instructors with the new program.  One of the highlights was that I came up with a few tangible ideas for a doctoral project and made connections to possibly make it happen.  Very exciting.

Keeping up with grading, homework, creative ventures and the like will mean time management skills that I’ve had to learn.  Discipline, as in anything, will be key in the success of the upcoming semester.


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