Posted by: codecalla | April 24, 2014

Fertile Rabbit Gods

The spring invariably brings with it the melting of snow, rising of rivers, and traditional rain fall that savages asphalt.  Pot holes abound as if fertile rabbit gods that must somehow bring in the passing of the winter.

One such fertile rabbit god needed a sacrifice, and thus the round, rubbery appendage of my horseless carriage was sent off in sleepy fashion.   The slow rotation of time melded with the pavement and loss of breath, and finally, it gave its last sigh.

Yet, with spring, there is rebirth and life continues, so the replacement found itself in my care.

Although I understand that fertile rabbit gods are necessary signs of spring, I do wish they would be fed, and stop their carnal appetite.  Champions of spring, I call upon you!  Feed the rabbit gods!

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