Posted by: codecalla | May 10, 2014

Finals Week

Finals week…normally it’s a time of reflection and introspection, because by finals week, no matter how you hope it will end differently, the conclusion has been determined by previous choices of the students and the instructor.

Three colleges, three separate finals weeks for many classes and students.

Unfortunately, my brain wants to find solace in greenery, as it’s finally spring and I can see flowers, the grass, and hear mourning doves call sweetly.

Sleep deprivation is not only a concern for students.  Professors, too, have their moments of caffeine-dependency, and those moments when the professors wish fervently that the students could see their potential as much as the professors do.

Anxiety–fear of completion, fear of being judged, fear of failing, fear of letting someone down…so many students get bogged down by these concerns.

It’s truly sad, because the students are brilliant…they just have to realize it.

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