Posted by: codecalla | September 1, 2014


Deadlines are usually the bane of my existence.  Purely on an academic note, I find myself dodging and dogging too many deadlines for myself, my students, and my education.  Writer deadlines are a nightmare.  I should write on a schedule.  But I don’t like it.  I should be able to write anywhere at anytime, but I find myself distracted.  I wonder if the age of internet and shallow reading has impacted my ability to concentrate or remember.

Is it my personality?  I do like to procrastinate.  Who should I blame?  Excuses come easily when we fail ourselves, others, and discover that failure is inexcusable.  When did failure become so terrible?  Why does it hurt so much to miss a deadline that impacts other people?

Is it perfectionism?  I tend to have high standards.  Maybe I have photoshopped myself in expectations.  I expect to be perfect, an ideal teacher, writer, student, but I am, after all human.

Maybe I should greet failure as I laud it to my students–a learning opportunity.  If only we could listen to ourselves and follow our own advice.


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