Posted by: codecalla | November 8, 2014

three headed Cerberus

Currently working three jobs and going to school full time has dwindled the writing fever somewhat.  Each time my head breaks water and I catch a breath, something from the depths pulls me back down.  Rather than the Siren’s song of ungraded homework or Selkie’s desire for attention, I find myself desperately reaching for the life raft of Writing.  I have been writing in my head, but it needs to be released from the unjust imprisonment in my head.   In fact, a legal representative Musea has given me a legal brief that suggests that I should immediately release Writing forthwith in order to avoid further penalties.

I have been teaching, reading, and writing…another three-headed beast to go with the three jobs I currently possess.  It would be wonderful to have something publish ready before the end of the year.  No promises.  Now to work…”Here, Fluffy?”

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