Posted by: codecalla | April 26, 2015

The Best Choice

A new technology that I would like to implement in class would be the use of iMovie.  I like the idea of trying to document ideas and use visual media to explain complex subjects.  The difficulty of using the movie application is minimized, as the images are easy to adapt for the film, and the narration and sound can be recorded easily.  The largest constraint is the aspect of the time commitment to creating individual movies.  Another aspect, using film as a teaching media, is to identify how long would the best short video clip be to encompass the subject and capture the audience’s attention.

Since I teach literature, reading passages of the works or discussing the life or philosophy behind the works would be exciting, as long as I prepared it well in advance.  Creating a specific script, and checking it for clear, audible reading, relevance, and resonance would be important.  The reading should not be monotone, nor should it be difficult to understand.  Practice through creating test films could help the situation.

On the other hand, creating an assignment where the students are allowed to create their own iMovies, especially in a class that has tablets, would be absolutely exciting.  A creative assignment that allows students to bring their own gifts to the learning material may be more beneficial and far reaching than instructor-crafted ones.

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