Posted by: codecalla | June 14, 2015

Andragogy and Technology

Adult learning is the focus of my current studies.  One of the most useful insights I’ve learned is that adults tend to learn more socially.  I think that group assignments can be more effective with older students.  Another aspect of adult learning that I’ve learned is that transformational learning occurs at the pace of the student, not the instructor and that students need to adapt their frames of reference to the learning materials.

The use of technology can be inspiring for students and facilitators alike.  The irony is that technology is used in the place of real, long lasting learning.  Technology should not be a replacement, it should be a tool.  When students tend to rely too much on technology it can create problems.  Technology can ease the collaboration efforts of students, but it can create problems when assignments are not submitted properly due to technical errors.  Technology can also create new assignments that challenge imaginations and incorporate new ideas.  Creating new assignments such as web sites, wikis, and short films can be useful expressions of knowledge.

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