Posted by: codecalla | August 21, 2015

I Adopted a Grandmother

I adopted a grandmother.  She would sit on her porch with a stray cat she adopted, and let the cat sleep inside her house at night, even though she liked dogs better.  I adopted a grandmother.  She would tell stories about the neighborhood back in the day, and the next door neighbor Bob that used to live next door and took great care of his house.  I adopted a grandmother.  She would sweetly suggest to the new male neighbor that his new female neighbors were pretty cute.  I adopted a grandmother.  She would listen when I would venture over to her porch for a brief conversation between classes or training.  I adopted a grandmother.  And she disappeared this week.

I didn’t know her very well, but I had adopted her as part of my daily routine, enjoying our brief conversations and her spritely gossip about neighborhood news.  She was tricked into an elder care facility by someone who said she was going in for tests and would return after a few days.  While she thought she was getting tested, they took her car, moved her stuff out of the house she has lived in all her life, and even took away the stray cat.

I adopted a grandmother that someone threw away.  We’re hoping to get a lawyer involved on her behalf.  She is in full control of her faculties and this is criminal.  I hope that we can fight for her.  I hope she’s not too scared in that foreign place, and I pray that she can return home before they sell it.

There are real life villains.

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