Posted by: codecalla | October 18, 2015

Trust in the Universe

Recently many events have transpired to cause doubt, confusion, anger, and loss of hope.  How often do we tie our personal identity to the nature of the groups we belong?  When suddenly one of those groups collapses, what can we learn from the experience?

The phrase “Trust in the Universe” came from a standard shared meme, but it was also a phrase for consolation.  Despite the difficulties of the moment, of the age, or beyond, what can we learn from the experience or how can we grow and move beyond it?

How can we empower ourselves to reach out into the vast emptiness and find sustenance?  Many things are beyond our control, but we can learn and grow as people from them.  We still have free will in our responses and choices to grow, rather than stagnate in the deepest darkest sorrows.  I am not speaking of depression, anxiety, or any multitude of illnesses that need treatment, therapy, and you can’t just “choose” to get out of it, but how can we manage the every day perspective or person that we try to be?

Writing allows us to explore, create, and destroy universes at will.  Trust in the Universe.

Image courtesy of Photokanok at

Image courtesy of Photokanok at

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