Posted by: codecalla | November 14, 2015

Je t’aime Paris

When terrible things happen or when life doesn’t go the way we expect, how do we respond?  Do we shut down and continue to torture ourselves with the thoughts of “How horrible!” or keep re-running those images, thoughts, words constantly in an effort to really feel as down as we should?

How do we react to a crisis?  Calmly, rationally, compassionately?

Do we scream, throw tantrums, shake our fists?

I think a calm response can be more effective, even if our hearts are injured, grieving, and longing for relief.

If we continue to focus on all of the terrible events, we miss the beauty of people.

Paris is beautiful.  A handful of people committed an atrocious act, hurting many more, but Paris responded with open arms to those who are frightened, confused, and stranded.

Let us be kind to each other and remember our humanity.

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