Posted by: codecalla | December 23, 2015

Keeping it Simple

I collect writing books like memories.  They congeal in my overwrought and overworked brain and offer some semblance of a structure.  The ideas offer my poor writing secretary [in my brain] a chance to organize the information and file it away.

Then again, my physical self has been writing more internally.  In other words, the hands are not at the keyboard, so the “faucet” or “font of writing” is untapped.  Tapping at the keyboards to tap the ideas within.

Tapping reminds me of Magic The Gathering when cards are tapped or untapped and when the power doubles and grows so that you can power a cataclysmic spell upon your enemies.

Tapping reminds me of Ben Vereen and Dulé Hill.

And all of this cross referencing makes me forget to keep typing and tapping at the keyboard.

Words should dance across the page according to intent.  Words need choreography, structure, rhythm, and purpose.

Writing should be kept simple.  Start typing.  That’s it.

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