Posted by: codecalla | December 31, 2015


I usually create a rough sketch of what I want to have happen in the story, but then write with the moment.  I keep track of all the changes in plot on notes and try to organize around what feels right.

I recently read a book about Outlining Your Novel:  Map Your Way to Success by K.M. Weiland.  One of the more memorable quotes was about asking questions.  An outline is the “skeleton” and “what-if questions” are the flesh.  I think that is an interesting and creative method to create outlines.

The joy of writing is the details.  Why did I convince myself that it was a bother?  I love this kind of stuff.

Remembering what compels me to write and why I love it.

I geek out over boring mundane tasks because of the rewards and process and knowledge gained…like archaeology or science.  It’s a painstaking effort of many smaller tasks.

Write on…

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