Posted by: codecalla | December 20, 2016


The worry about this country and whether or not it’s falling apart and that people are divided is a false dichotomy.  People behave very differently in real life apart from online behaviors.  It’s only when people believe fervently what they read without question and then carry out their inclinations that we run into trouble.

America is filled with good people of all faiths, genders, ages, races, and political persuasions.  None of the hatred and vitriol that appear online, have I personally witnessed or experienced.  That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, or that there are not people who have been attacked after a particularly unpleasant election.  These things should be addressed and people should not inflict pain on others, nor gaslight them into believing they are not suffering an injustice.

America is bigger than an election.  It has a big heart.  This heart is what hurts when we see people in pain and try to help them.  This heart is what asks Americans to do what they can for their country without asking what can be done for them.  Is this a fantasy?  Is this the real life?  Is this a Queen song?

I think that the rhapsody of the American people will have different voices, hurts, troubles, and conflicts, but that we can still work together.  Get out of your head, your computer, your phone and look around you.  There is work that can be done close to you.  There are people who need help and things that can be changed, injustices that can be fought for everyone.  We can be kind, empathetic, and understanding.  We can choose strength over weakness–strength of character that chooses to forgive, rather than hold grudges.  Let this holiday season be one of warmth, love, kindness, and happiness, even if our year was tumultuous and painful.

Love and Blessings during this Holiday Season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.img_0520

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