Posted by: codecalla | February 25, 2017

Law does not Equal Justice

There is always a danger, when viewing laws or order as more important than people, for injustice to occur.  Arbitrarily making a decision without considering how it affects people will likely have negative outcomes.  Not always, but it is important to consider the consequences of decisions.

Justice is not necessarily legislation or the enforcement of laws.

What kind of country are we?  Voices rise up against the hatred, doubt, fear, and rage spewing forth from those who would be dictator-kings.  There are many more people embracing love and action.

Do not despair, for there are innumerable ways to help weather the tumultuous waves.

  1. Jewish cemeteries were desecrated and vandalized–within a day, money was raised for repair by concerned citizens [also a large part of the Muslim community] and many others offered their assistance
  2. National monuments were vandalized with graffiti–the National Park preservation service is repairing them and cleaning the monuments; police are investigating the graffiti, which they think is the work of one person.
  3. We are inundated with negative news stories 24/7.   Look for the promise of our humanity.  There are many things that we can get upset about, but we also have a great capacity for helping others.  Look for the small things, good things that you can accomplish in your area.  Look for organizations that may help in issues you care about and donate time, money, service, etc.
  4. There are people doing some bad things, but there are more people trying to help.  Don’t let the a**holes have a louder voice.  Hatred and anger do not change hearts, other than your own, by increasing your bitterness.  Focus on the good and try to do good.


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