Posted by: codecalla | January 24, 2018

Adventures Continue

Lately I’ve been reading scores of books via my e-reader, especially from library apps that make it easier to borrow.  One of my favorite apps is Overdrive, which syncs with my library and I can borrow at will and read from a comfortable position.  The stacks of books around my apartment get higher and higher, and the electronic book seems an easy fix for the moment.

I’ve recently taken up interest in quilting, getting a lesson from my aunt on sewing and piecing techniques.  The quilt that I started as a lesson is not yet finished, but that has more to do with getting strep throat than it does lack of interest.  I now have to rework the stacks of books and make room for a crafting area.  So I have been working on de-cluttering, which is difficult because I have stuff that I love and stuff that just gets in the way.  So it’s an effort to organize.

I’ve also recently taken a workshop on beading, and managed to weave a bracelet.  I think creative endeavors take the sting out of life’s obstacles and make it more interesting.  Rather than only be the sum of a paycheck, I am working my way through new skills.  I’m hopeful to find more constant work, and thus have more time to devote [without anxiety] to creative work.  Breaking through creative blocks [not lack of inspiration, but lack of concentration] is my current situation.

Peace and love to all.



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