Posted by: codecalla | December 24, 2020


This year has been excruciating for so many people.  The collective sorrow, fear, rage, and anger has spread throughout the world.  Love too, has been shining throughout.  Acts of love were not as simple as one might think.  Mask wearing is an act of love, not only of self, but of those who live around us or may just be passing through.  Social distancing and isolating were also acts of love.  For anyone who did their best to show that love, thank you.

For those who listened to misinformed voices, suggesting hoaxes and control, and refused to listen to any information that contradicted their ideas, and put people at risk because of their ignorance…my words fail.  I hope that you have learned and are learning to consider others before yourself; I hope that you and those you love were not part of the casualties of this pandemic; I hope that those you put at risk because of your ignorance were not part of the casualties of this pandemic.  But…that is unlikely.

The act of raging at someone who is wearing a mask and asks the same of you is one of fear…housed in that fear and begetting more fear.  The act of creating protests that deliberately put communities at risk so that egos can be satisfied that they were “right” is reprehensible.  Why are these protests different than the protests that came with the words “I can’t breathe”?  They are similar in that groups feel persecuted.  They are vastly different in reality.  Those who feel threatened by caring about their community vs those who ask to be cared for…night and day.

There are so many people suffering right now.  Loss of life, loved ones, stability that incomes bring, housing, hope…but we do have hope.  We have the hope that those who have worked tirelessly to bring–vaccines that can offer the future.  We have love, love that we can keep working through our communities and hope that it will be felt and shared as we try to do the next right thing.

Right now there are ways to help those who are suffering, who are afraid, who lost their businesses, families, friends, and ways of life.  Whether you acted with love or fear throughout the pandemic, you’re still loved.  You matter.  It is my hope that you recognize others matter too.

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