Film Reviews

Departures (2008)

Dir. Yojiro Takita; Screenplay:  Kundo Koyama; Music Composer:  Joe Hisaishi

No matter how many times I watch this Oscar winning film, it resonates through my heart.  The main character is struggling through life, and through facing death, discovers how to move forward.  It’s truly a beautiful film.

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The Parson’s Widow (1920)

Dir. Carl Theodor Dreyer; Screenplay:  Kristofer Janson, Carl Theodor Dreyer; Cinematography:  George Schneevoight

This old silent film secretly snuck up on me and became compelling and a favorite.  The story telling was fascinating as there was no recorded dialogue, only dialogue cards that the audience reads.  The method of acting to express the emotions and intent behind the words was moving.  I was uncertain if I would like it, but I recommend watching it if you are curious about silent films and storytelling.

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