Posted by: codecalla | January 6, 2013

The Week Before the Semester Begins

It was the week before the semester

and all through the house,

not a single assignment was prepared,

not even to grouse,

the syllabi were ignored,

on the computer with care,

in the hopes that someone would

be willing to share.

The schedule was nestled,

all snug in its domain,

longing for someone to cry,

this is insane!

With I in my bathrobe,

and my cats at my back,

I settled on playing Skryim for a dragon


When all of a sudden there arose such a din,

I had briefly to wonder what world I was in,

so resolutely I turned off my Xbox,

and turned to face the disaster,

only to find out it was my dungeon master!

Alas, my agility, intelligence check failed,

and I found myself crying out,

“I’m sorry I bailed!”

So with heavy heart, I said goodbye to vacation,

doggedly resumed my assignment meditation.

The classes will come with the brightness of morning,

and without preparation or due warning,

it is best to prepare without further delay,

I’ll kill dragons another day.

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