Posted by: codecalla | October 19, 2013

Vilified or Verified?

Truthfully, deadlines have been evil for me this semester, as I have struggled to keep up with grading papers and responding to drafts, as well as finish my own homework.  I tend to vilify myself as the worst professor ever, so when I discovered that I am not the only professor who feels the crunch of time, I felt relieved.  My favorite college professor of all time revealed that yes, he too, struggled with papers and the never-ending refillable stack.  Somehow that made me feel tremendously better.

Granted, I am still a perfectionist with a desire to finish everything perfectly on time, but another thought occurs to me…what’s the rush?  Why am I trying to speed through life without paying attention to what’s happening around me?  Will the world end if I don’t grade everything on time?  Will I somehow become less than human or start a terrible drought?  Probably not.  I will keep plugging away and not freak out when the deadlines hit.  That’s my new goal.

I aced my major paper for the first doctorate class, so at least that is out of the way.  The semester is almost over, and then begins again.  I wonder if I will have a break?

I have creative projects waiting, but this fall I feel like hibernating.  It’s nearly a year since my beloved older cousin and two other family members passed away.  I hope that I can keep their memory within my heart.

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