Posted by: codecalla | November 19, 2017

Mini Adventures

Recently I’ve been working on mini-adventures, trying to shake off the dust of the everyday grind and find my creative sparks.  Or, I’m engaging in world class procrastination…what you will.

Today I embarked upon the adventure of watercolours.  Well, just a two hour class, really.  I have much to learn, young grasshopper self, heh.  With watercolours, it seems that the colours fade quickly and getting the right mix of colours is important.  Unfortunately, I find myself at a loss on the color wheel, because I haven’t memorized it.  More colours means more diversity and creativity, which is beautiful.  Also, brushes…how do I handle the brush to get an even color or stroke?  If I’m too forceful, it looks like a glob…so watercolour is challenging, but interesting.

So in the future, I will continue to try new things, keep working at those things I’m not good at and maybe, eventually, I will create something I love.  Until then…here are my attempts.  One is a predrawn sketch, and the other, my attempt at a colour wheel.

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