Posted by: codecalla | April 27, 2013

This month has been hectic, frustrating, and also filled with odd moments of joy.  About two weeks left of the semester and hundreds of papers to grade, but I’m not worried about those particularly.  The adjunct faculty hours have been cut at one of the colleges I work for, so I am scrambling for alternatives in summer pay.  This coupled with end of term “Dear God in Heaven, help me through it” frenzy is only the beginning.

Next fall I am scheduled to teach two literature courses, with the most important aspect of it all, “I will teach Beowulf!”   Western World Masterpieces I, a survey course, which will be far too little time to give due justice to these writers, but perhaps enough to whet the curiosity of the students.  I received the anthology this week with much glee.

This week I also received the proof of “The Protectors of Tarith” for the print version, which will be available through Amazon, as soon as I tweak a few cosmetic details.

I have been given much, and so I feel grateful, even as I fearfully worry about finances.  Has any writer ever had the “plenty”?  When I am hit with the derision of self-publishing, I start to wonder, just how many of the “canon” writers received monetary rewards for their work or made efforts through a publisher?  So I will continue to strive to provide stories to the best of my ability and hopefully beyond.

One disturbing aspect of the whole online best-sellers’ list, I’ve heard mention of authors giving money to others to buy their book on a particular day to raise the level of the book in the best seller’s list.  I would much rather earn the place, than pay for it.  I hope this is just a horrible rumor.  I will let the readers decide what they wish to read.  I cannot follow this action or condone it.

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