Posted by: codecalla | July 2, 2013


One of the things I discovered today, quite by accident, is that when I’m creating a story, it’s like I’m still playing dolls.  Well, not really in the sense that it’s Barbies, because I used to play Star Wars with my Barbies. 

Structure, giving form to the unshaped, is a little different than idealism, but perhaps not really.  Idealism in that somewhere there is a perfect form and everything before us is a representation of it, or a replication which we perceive.  

Sometimes writing is giving shape to the gray void, calling shapes out of the abyss to demonstrate some greater truth or meaning, or merely to have some fun.

It’s very similar to teaching, in that we must create structure so that students may build upon it or break it out from the inside or outside after learning the shape.

How can we enforce that a house must always be a certain way?  There are many different “houses”.  


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