Posted by: codecalla | June 2, 2014

Finding the Evil

Writing for me is an exploration of motivations, possibilities and adventure.  Unfortunately, one area that I struggle in is finding the capacity within myself to be ruthless with my characters.  I love them and don’t want them to suffer, but without suffering there wouldn’t be a story.  “Life is pain.”   So too, is fiction.  Fiction is pain because it’s a reflection of life.  In order to be true to life, it should reflect some of the pain.

Some of my characters will have to face terrible things…and it makes me feel guilty.  I’d rather we all just be happy.  But there’s no story, no point if they are all feeling fine.

I have to give myself permission to unleash the hounds of hell, and defeat them, or not.

Darkness needs light and light needs darkness.  And who’s to say that darkness is evil anyway?  It might be misappropriated.



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