Posted by: codecalla | March 12, 2015

Technology & Teaching

I haven’t used blogs for teaching with my students, but I have used journals and wiki pages.  I think there is a limit to how much one can produce while invested in other opportunities.  For myself, blogging takes time that I do not take nearly often enough.  Blogging is considered informal, and as an academic venture, it can be used to open a conversation.  I think preparing a blog entry can be challenging, especially when trying to find content.  I have many ideas about writing topics, but I usually give them to my students.  The use of technology feels pervasive, because sometimes one needs silence in order to process information.  Also I wonder how much of what we write online will come back to us in some kind of technological karma.  We can pursue topics at will, but anything of merit, worth taking time to consider, would require open discourse and comfort with the unknown audience.  So many conversations on the internet are derailed because of attention seeking, a desire to subvert communication, and boredom.  Closed communities may offer more support, but it could be challenging to find different ideas or perspectives.

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