Posted by: codecalla | May 7, 2015

Final Presentations

Today was the final exam slot for my literature class. Students were asked to present research related to the course materials or subjects inspired by the course materials on the final day. Overall, the presentations were informative, interesting, and a good experience. Most students used PowerPoints, which quite a few instructors use to deliver information; however, one student used Prezi to present about Greek Art.

Prezi presentations are more dynamic than linear based PowerPoints because they follow mapping of ideas (p. 203). The value of a Prezi presentation is that it can be collaborative, interactive, and fascinating to follow. Collaboration is one area that students often struggle with, especially as collaboration may not be equal. Group assignments are problematic in delivery, but Prezi is easy to use and projects are “easily shared, sent, and accessed” (p. 203). Prezis have movement, which can be lacking in PowerPoint presentations.

The presentations today were informal. In a formal presentation grade for a course, the instructor should outline the specific requirements and present training opportunities for the students in using the new technology (p. 205-208). When tools are new to the users, is it vital for instructors to play around with the features personally and introduce the technology thoughtfully (p. 208). It can be difficult to navigate without practice. I suggested that students could use the Prezi format for their presentations, but it was only a suggestion.   They shared their presentations in a discussion board prior to presenting in class. In future classes, Prezi training may be an offering prior to projects.


Chicioreanu, T. D. (2010). An awesome online presentation tool – Prezi. Petroleum – Gas University Of Ploiesti Bulletin, Educational Sciences Series, 62(1A), 202-209.

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