Posted by: codecalla | May 24, 2015

Films for Class

I think incorporating filmmaking into composition and literature courses could be interesting.  Students have access to video cameras, digital cameras, smart phones, and webcams.  As an engaging project, the film should be designed for a short assignment, or perhaps an entire term assignment.  Some students may excel at creating films more than others, but clear guidelines and workshops should help with the project.  Group projects are difficult because some students may not fulfill their objectives for the group.  Grading the students on their participation and having peer evaluation could help promote collaboration.  Devoting some time to class for the project could help the students connect and stay on task.

The films could be about their paper topics, the research they have conducted, or its applications to everyday life.  The point of education is to create a connection between knowledge and the learner.  The student is the focus of the learning process.  Composition essays may seem unpleasant to write, but creating a visual project based on the subject could be exciting and interesting.  Most students are used to the process of filming themselves.  Directing their projects with photos, video, and real life applications could achieve new rhetorical goals.

Assessment for the videos should be based on the creativity, organization, research, and development of the project.  These assessments should be peer based, as well as instructor based.  The grades should reflect attention to detail, audience, and presentation.  Adapting their message for different mediums is an important lesson for students in today’s highly advanced technical society.

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