Posted by: codecalla | January 17, 2013

Song of Dreams

so you’ll find me

wondering where I’ll be…

in the light

in the shadows

my love for you will grow

how can we fight this end conclusion

lonely and without hope

feed the flame

feed the light source

sing from your soul in time

we can fight this end conclusion

dance and sing with me

how can we fight this end conclusion

leading our hearts astray?

in the dark in the shadows

listen for my song

lifting up to the darkness

my love for you will grow

and you’ll find me

in the darkness

singing full of hope

hear my song, hear my whisper,

listen to where I’ll be.

The dreams are where the singer whispers, longing to be set free.  Will the dancer dance and free the music?

*behind the scenes of the next novel.  not sure how I’ll use it, perhaps in small slips of fancy…


forgot a verse…it’s still in workshop mode, so I may rearrange things or change wording*

the world is hurting

full of monsters

wandering in the dark

find the light source

share the pathway

*transforming their hearts


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