Posted by: codecalla | January 20, 2013

Selling Myself–err my books

Today is another day that I’ve spent working on promotional activities via Facebook and other sites.  Self-promotion, 80% chutzpah, 20% bullsh*t?  Naw.  I think people will enjoy my book, if the readers that would like it find out about it, that is.  So I’ve been figuring out what the next steps will be and how I will go forth and gather readers.  Word of mouth is the most important, I think, because if readers like it, hopefully they will let their friends know, and it will grow more naturally.

I don’t want to spam people with ads or demand–Buy!  Buy!  Buy!  However, it is necessary to gird myself for the long haul.  I’ve published it with the idea that people may like to read it.  (And I thought writing was the hard part!)

I also discovered a gem of find on Newegg to help advance my earlier writings to the new age of technology.  3.5 floppy drives are definitely of the past, but a good external floppy drive?  Priceless.  Especially if I can recover old files without having to re-type them or print & then scan them.  Cue evil maniacal laughter break.

The new novel is thrumming in the background, waiting its turn.  I’d rather it slug me over the head and carry me off, cave-man style.  Or should I say cave-person?  And am I throwing all cave people under a label, and thus perpetuating a stereotype?

At any rate, the goal to promote is one aspect of my 3 day weekend.  Now I have a few other details to crank out…such as an ISBN number, which Kindle doesn’t require as it creates a number, but other services might need.

In March, I’ll release it in multi-formats, not just Kindle, probably using Smashwords.

As of now, I have 7 days until a contest deadline and two days waiting for a delivery.

The new novel characters are vibrant, longing to be set free and I want to give them a suitable playground.  Back to research!  If you have any suggestions on materials on dreams, lucid dreaming, or astral projection…please feel free to suggest!


  1. Good luck to you. I`m 25,000 words into my first attempt. Perhaps it will fall on the right desk at the right time – and pigs will fly. Strange why we still do it, Ian`t it? I will follow in your footsteps – once again, good luck.

    • Good luck to you as well! I’m learning as I go, nothing like diving in! I’m hoping to reach more people. Those communication classes in college are pretty helpful. I’ll need to set up my writing schedule this semester and stick to it. So far my weekend has been promotion not creation. It’s definitely fun. The bonus is doing research and learning new things.

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